Commercial and Home Awnings


Enjoy the outdoors with your family without bad weather, scorching heat or blinding sunlight. You can turn your patio or deck into a complete comfort zone by investing in awnings to keep the sun and rain out while you and your family enjoy your deck or patio in comfort. Home awnings are an economical way to shade your deck or patio, which adds value and enhances the entertainment quality of our home. Home awnings protect your home from the elements and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Awning Warehouse is supported by a strong well managed organisation with experienced consultants and knowledgeable technical staff.  We have a range of awnings in a variety of colours, sizes and styles to suit any home or business application. Our range of commercial and home awnings include canvas fold arm awnings, canvas blinds, polycarbonate canopies, home patio awnings, aluminium awnings, canvas awnings and louvre awnings.

Awning Warehouse has selected only the finest materials and components for our awning products and installation. Creative, intelligent consultants with business oriented backgrounds ensure that our residential or commercial customers are attended to professionally. Our well trained installation team respond efficiently on site to ensure customer confidence and the highest standards are maintained during the entire process. A proudly South African company, Awning Warehouse supplies high-quality awning products that are equal to international awning standards.

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  • Awning Warehouse are proud approved dealers of Corradi Sail Awnings which are now available in South Africa. These beautiful and impressive sail awnings are designed with cutting edge nautical technology. They retract completely within a few seconds thanks to an innovative motorised or manual mechanism. The use of premium materials such as stainless steel, anodised aluminum, Tempotest Star® resin-treated polyester canvas and Dacron®, ensures  low maintenance and resistance to atmospheric conditions. This makes Corradi Sails an original, refined and effective solution for a wide range of outdoor applications.

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    Corradi Sail Awnings

    We design and manufacture all types of outdoor drop blinds which add protection to your outdoor area from the elements making your outdoor areas usable in all kinds of weather conditions. These affordable drop blinds are custom made to suit each one’s individual needs.

    The blinds are manufactured from a range of different materials and windows and doors can be incorporated to enhance the blind. The colours and designs of the materials used are very extensive.

    Let our experienced consultants help you choose and design what will best suit your needs.
    For custom made drop blinds for your home or business contact us.


    Drop Blinds

    Our Barrel Vault Domes are curved in shape giving the dome strength and allowing water to drain exceptionally well. These domes are custom made so they can be designed to fit most applications. The boards used are either Clear or Tinted Acrylic or Clear and tinted Multiwall Polycarbonate. The structure is finished off in the colour of your choice.


    Barrel Vault Dome Awnings
  • Awning Warehouse are proud approved dealers of Corradi Pergotenda Retractable Awnings which are now available in South Africa. The Pergotenda is a patented, retractable covering that combines innovative materials, cutting edge technology and superior design elements, to provide protection against the elements in any season.

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    Corradi Pergotenda Awnings

    The Hulamin range of pre-panted, roll formed aluminum profiles that are designed to intercept direct radiation without reducing daylight penetration. The panels are white, optimizing the potential for natural light reflection and glare elimination.


    Horizontal screens with a projection of approximately half the depth of the window offer excellent protection when placed on a north facing  elevation. Because of the open construction of the sun screens there is no interruption to the natural air flow.


    Vertical sun screens provide protection regardless of the elevation. The whole façade can be screened to conceal air conditioners, piping and other services.


    Sun Louvres
  • Underdeck Waterproof Aluminium Ceilings


    This patented design creates waterproof ceilings for use under wooden decks. It creates extra usable space under the deck which was previously unused because of water & dust coming through.

    Used for leaking existing roofs and ceilings where the leaks cannot be fixed or detected.

    Ceiling and Fixed Roof in one.

    Finished with a gutter-cornice where the water collects and is lead away by a down pipe.


    Waterproof Aluminium Ceilings
  • Canvas Fold Arm Awnings


    Canvas fold arm awnings extend your living space to the great outdoors with the comfort of a shady tree making your patio or deck cool enough to enjoy on hot summer days. Elegant and unobtrusive, fold arm awnings improve the appearance and space for both residential and retail applications. Awning Warehouse provides for all patio solutions including our Dickson canvas folding arm awning designed specifically as a patio shade. Canvas fold arm awnings are also ideal for decks, terraces, balconies, pool areas, and outdoor areas of restaurants and cafes. Fold arm awnings provide extra room without construction costs but still gives you stylish upmarket design and the 100% protection of canvas.


    Gearbox operated with aluminium powder coated folding arms and caps, canvas fold arm awnings may be your answer to sun protection as an extension to your outdoor living areas. We recommend that you protect the rolled up canvas with our aluminium protection cover installed directly above the unit. Dickson canvas offers the broadest and most creative range of folding arm awning fabrics currently on the market.


    Contact us for more information about high quality canvas fold arm awnings.

    Canvas Fold Arm Awnings
  • Fixed Acrylic Awnings


    Fixed Acrylic Awnings are designed to be architecturally pleasing with aesthetics, durability and performance in mind. Acrylic canopies and awnings are designed to protect windows, doors, patios and shop fronts from the outdoor elements. They come with clear Acrylic, bronze tinted Acrylic or aluminium composite canopy boards. The Clear Acrylic canopy protects from the rain and hail but allows all the natural light through while blocking damaging Ultraviolet rays. This protects doors, windows, curtains, blinds, carpets etc. The Bronze Tinted Acrylic canopy protects from the rain and hail but allows 50% of the light through while blocking 50% of the heat as well as the damaging Ultraviolet rays. A fixed Acrylic canopy made from high-quality materials will not yellow over time. The aluminium composite canopy board will protect from the rain as well as blocking the sun.


    The brackets for Acrylic canopies are either engineered PVC which is UV stabilised and come in either grey or black, or aluminium which can be powder coated in any colour to suit your design needs. Fixed acrylic awnings come in depths of 600mm, 700mm or 1000mm and can be joined together to cover any width. They are very easy to install and provide an elegant and affordable awning solution.


    Fixed acrylic awnings are manufactured to the highest quality specifications and are weatherproof, easy to maintain and can withstand category 12 Typhoons. Polycarbonate canopies are easy to install, modular - translucent or non-translucent systems that block or provide high quality diffused day lighting. Good acrylic canopies or awnings can protect you and your investment from the sun and the elements.


    Protect your possessions and make your property more fun and life more enjoyable. Contact us for acrylic canopies.

    Fixed Acrylic Awnings
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